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Family Meals at Corella Creek Country Farm Stay

Meet Your Hosts Georgi and Eric

The Faces Behind Your Memorable Outback Experience at Corella

Georgi Your Host at Corella Creek


As an avid foodie, community educator and zoo guide, Georgi has lived and worked in Paris but grew up in the goldfields in WA’s outback. This means she is grounded in the ordinary but encourages the fabulous.

She is known for her straightforward communication and values authenticity. She loves hearing about the lives, travels and life stories of others. After a long day of adventure and creating beautiful meals for guests, you’ll find her unwinding with a refreshing GnT and sharing stories around the dinner table under the bistro lights.


Eric, the man with a knack for all things DIY and a great storyteller, will be your company around the campfire (if you want company!) under the starry outback sky.

Known for his warm upbeat personality and love for sharing tales, he’s an integral part of the Corella experience. Eric is often the first face you see when you arrive at Corella as he welcomes you and passes on details to help you enjoy your outback experience in their unique community.

Eric Your Host at Corella Creek

Together, they invite you to immerse yourself in the magic of the Outback, whether that’s through cosy indoor accommodation or authentic camping experiences. Pack your bags and be part of their story. Corella is not just a farm stay; it’s a journey to the heart of a simple outback lifestyle.

Unearth Your Cooking Talent at Corella

Join Georgi’s Hands-on Traditional Cooking Skill Workshops 

Over the years, Georgi has accumulated a wealth of culinary knowledge, from perfecting homemade pasta to brewing her own kombucha. As a former teacher, she cherishes the opportunity to share this wisdom with her guests. Whether you’re 8 or 80, Georgi is eager to guide you through successfully using different ingredients and techniques.

Enquire about cooking classes for your group that Georgi can create for you. 

Our Unique Farm Friends

Embark on a Journey through Outback Life at Corella Creek Country Farm Stay

A charming feature of Corella lies in our delightful farm animals. Ziggy our working kelpie, the goat and dorper sheep herds, Miss Millie ‘The Campfire Cow’ and fancy poultry each add a distinct character to our farm stay, forming part of the rich tapestry of our daily life. With us, every day can be a different experience depending on who’s staying, which animal has had a baby, or even the whims of the weather.

We’re not a traditional cattle station but have purchased most of the blocks of the old township of Nelia and ‘recycled’ it. We have reinvigorated the property into an unique agritourism farm stay. The animals here are more than just residents; they’re part of our living community, each with their own unique stories to tell. Both children and adults find pure joy in these friendly interactions with our animal residents – and if you’re greeted by one of our goats upon arrival, don’t worry. They’ll enjoy your company as much as we do!

Among our most approachable and social characters is Miss Millie the queen of our campfire who arrives at the campfire each night around sunset and ‘holds council’ with our guests. Every guest loves her as much as we do!

So come, join us at Corella, be a part of our story, and make sure to capture these precious moments on camera. Your memorable journey through outback life awaits.

Peacocks Delight Guests at Corella Country Farm Stay
Learning about Wildlife Rescue at Corella

Corella’s Wildlife Family

Meet Some of Australia’s Furry and Feathered Wildlife Friends, and Learn to Love Them Too

At Corella, the family extends beyond traditional farm animals. Over the years, they have provided a safe haven for rescued or orphaned wildlife, creating an opportunity for an unique encounter. Whether guests are animal lovers or just curious, your hosts Georgi and Eric are always eager to share their knowledge and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for these wonderful creatures.

These rescued animals form an integral part of what makes Corella Creek Country Farm Stay special. Even for those initially unsure or simply curious, insightful guidance helps guests see them with newfound appreciation. Georgi and Eric look forward to introducing guests to these extraordinary members of Corella’s outback family and important members of Australia’s Fauna.

Reviews from Our Guests

“A unique Outback experience with very hospitable hosts. The outdoor spa was heavenly – so relaxing. We had a lovely long soak with wine in hand watching the sun go down. Our dinner was absolutely delicious, as was breakfast. I have never before met a cow who enjoys sitting by a campfire! Our bed was very comfy and we loved being able to have our little dog with us.”


Travelling as a Couple (from Booking.com)

“Loved this spot. Animals much fun-cheeky young goat. Georgi and Eric  welcoming and full of information. Great fire with calm Brahmana. Sensational hot tub. So glad we stopped. Love the polish chook. Thankyou and keep up the good work. Unique.


Travelling as a Family (from Wiki Camps)

“A short stay, only one night, next time it will be longer!!! Everything was just wonderful. The campfire and the animals will remain in our memories! Reinhard (from Germany), Birte (from Germany), Elise (from France).”


International Traveller from Germany (from Airbnb)

“Breakfast was delicious. Nothing better than farm fresh eggs. Our evening meals were of a very high standard and amazing quality out in the middle of nowhere.


Retiree Traveller (from Booking.com)

Our Recovery Journey

The Heart and Soul Behind Corella Creek Country Farm Stay

Our journey at Corella Creek Country Farm Stay is an illustration to resilience and positive team work. The property, quirky and charmingly rustic, stands as a symbol of our spirit.

We experienced a massive setback in 2019 when the floods engulfed our land and guesthouse, causing extensive damage. Today, we are still in the midst of our rebuild, a testament to the perseverance and tenacity that defines the Australian spirit.

Our farm stay isn’t about polished edges or frills. Instead, we offer a genuine outback experience focused on quality conversations, stories, wholesome interesting food, and interactions with our farm and rescued animals. We aim to provide a unique taste of the true Australia, a window into the struggles and triumphs of small country families and the lives they live often in harsh environments.

If you expect perfection, you might find better suited accommodation elsewhere. But if you are looking for authentic connections, to understand the real challenges and joys of living on the land, and to contribute towards a stronger future for micro-communities, then you’re exactly where you need to be.

If you value contributing to make a difference through supporting local towns, businesses and families who work tirelessly and welcome visitors, you will also appreciate our vision and the progress we are making towards it.  Your stay supports our exciting agritourism project, showing our love for the environment, sustainability and survival. So, by choosing us, you’re not just picking a place to stay – you’re making a difference!

– Georgi and Eric x

Agritourism at Corella Creek Country Farm Stay

Sustainable Adventures on Our Farm

Our adventure into agritourism and sustainability is exciting and includes free range egg and goat meat production. A U-pick-Flower garden has been planted, we integrate seasonal fresh food from the farm veggie garden and provide opportunities to understand and share information on the local beef industry and its place in food sustainability.

Biosecurity is discussed and guests are encouraged to acknowledge their responsibility as visitors to a working farm stay. 

Local Adventures at Corella Creek Country Farm Stay

Have Fun and Get Active in Outback Queensland

Corella is nestled amongst wild outback grasslands with awe-inspiring skies and stars. We’re a stone’s throw away from Julia Creek and Richmond and surrounded by cattle stations. We are just 17 kms from the Flinders River and depending on the season, you could also enjoy swimming and fishing at local waterholes. Our only immediate neighbours are our four or two legged animal friends and tranquility is assured. You can also explore local attractions in a half or full day trip from Corella including Walkabout Creek Hotel from Crocodile Dundee.

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